Welcome to the world of IBI coffee grinders.

More than 30 years ago, back in 1989, a young engineer found his place in the world of coffee by constructing his own professional coffee grinder, a part of his dream to offer the market a truly craft product that would be distinguished by precise and homogeneous grinding, durability of structural elements, and long shelf life. He works with inspiration and passion to make his own unique design. He selects only quality materials, treats every detail of the machines with care and continuously tests grinding to fully transfer the magic of flavour from the coffee bean to the cup of coffee.

After so many years of work and refinement of models for the different types of coffee beans grinding for each coffee brewing method, today IBI coffee grinders are the proven brand among professional circles of coffee grinders that defend positions in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, confectioneries, craft and barista workshops, large supermarkets, coffee laboratories. They have also found a place in the grinding of exotic seeds and spices, in the blending of coffee beans with spices. They work with professionals in roasting and grinding of different varieties of coffee.

Our philosophy is based on the precise and reliable performance of the coffee grinders we produce. Attention to details, high product quality, competitive prices and positive attitude to customers and their needs are the pillars of our corporate policy. We guarantee professional sale and after sales service. Thanks to this we enjoy the confidence of our customers all over world.

Our success is rooted in the masterful combination of experience and new technology and in our products’ compliance with market needs.

The successful recognition of IBI coffee grinders is due to the constantly maintained high quality of the machinery and the steady business relations established with our customers.


Fresh idea for Trendy Specialty coffee with cardamom…

Yes, it's possible with few seeds of cardamom to cpice up a dose of coffee beans in IBI coffe grinder - fast, high-quality and homogeneous grinding that keeps the aroma and flavour of your favorite blends - Turkish, Espresso, Filter, French press, Mocha. Suitable for intensive work in coffee shops, stores, roaster laboratories and large supermarkets for self service.

Feel free to contact us for more details at: ibi@ibicoffeegrinders.com

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